For all support enquiries please contact our support department using the format below:

  • Steam link:
  • VGO Trade link:
  • Game mode:
  • Enquiry:
  • Attachments: Please attach screenshots/proof of trades made

Please send all support queries to [email protected].

Note: If your email does not use the template above it will take longer to resolve the issue.

We will perform checks to ensure that support enquiries are legitimate. We check all support issues thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the site fair?

Our site uses a provably fair system which uses a cryptographic quality random number generator.

When a round in any game mode is started we generate random numbers and a salt, and provide a hash of these before you join the game.

Once the game is complete you will be shown the random numbers and the salt used to calculated the game hash which will prove that the outcome of the game was not altered during play.

The use of a provably fair system is essential for demonstrating to all players that everyone has an fair chance of winning and that we do not influence any game outcomes.

Someone bet from my account without my consent

Sadly, we cannot refund items if someone else has bet from your account. It is your own responsibility to ensure that your account information is not compromised.

NEVER give out your account information to anyone.

Name does not update after adding CSGO-RAFFLE.COM

When you update your name on Steam, then you just need to sign out of the website and sign in again for your name to be updated.

Be sure to add CSGO-RAFFLE.COM to your name for lower commission on site.

Marketing Enquiries


For all marketing and sponsorship enquiries please contact our marketing department using the format below:

  • Name:
  • Media Channel (YouTube, Twitter etc.):
  • Subs/Followers:
  • Link to media channel:
  • Enquiry:
  • Attachments: Please attach screenshots/proof of referrals made to other sites

Please send all marketing queries to [email protected].

Note: If your email does not use the template above we will not consider it.

We will perform checks to ensure that sponsorship requests are from legitimate sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven’t received a response to my email

We receive a lot of requests from people.

Please be patient, we aim to respond to everyone within two days (the weekend may be longer).

How much do you pay to sponsor a YouTube video?

All sponsorships are considered on an individual basis so we do not have standard fees.

The amount we offer is dependent on many factors, not just the amount of subs a channel has.

What are you looking for when you decide to sponsor someone?

We will assess each sponsorship request on the amount of subs you have, what you can offer to promote the site, and how many referrals you have made to other sites.

We will not sponsor anyone who cannot provide proof of referrals made.

Does it matter if I have a very small channel?

No, we will still consider all requests whether you have a big following or not.

Do you sponsor sports/e-sports team?

No, we do not sponsor any teams at this time.

Will you promote my video?

Yes. We use Twitter to promote all site features so we will share your video on our Twitter feed.

We also reserve the right to use videos in giveaways or in any other promotions we run.