Referral Scheme run a referral scheme that allows you to refer your friends and other people to our site in exchange for rewards.

The players you refer will be awarded three extra entries into our Free Spin game. For each player you refer you will be awarded with one extra entry into the Free Spin game in addition to receiving money back for every bet that people you refer make.

You will also earn up to 0.5% of the total bet value of players you refer in real cash that can be withdrawn via BitSkins, PayPal, or Bitcoin!


  • Your referrals receive 3 free spins
  • You receive 1 free spin per referral
  • You receive 0.5% of the total bets that your referrals make
  • You receive a lower percentage for 2nd and 3rd generation referrals (see below)

How It Works

Use your custom link (which you can setup on the Referral Settings page) to refer new players.

A new player must click on your custom link to access in order to activate them as your referral or enter your custom code when signing up.

The new player receives their free spins and you will receive your free spin. That player is now your referral.

Multi-Level Referrals

As well as your direct referrals (Level 1), you also get paid when your referrals refer other players (Level 2 and Level 3).

Here’s how the payouts work:

  • Level 1 Referrals
    • 0.5% of all bets made by referred new players using your custom link
  • Level 2 Referrals
    • 0.3% of all bets made by new players referred by your referrals
  • Level 3 Referrals
    • 0.1% of all bets made by your referrals referrals

For example:

  • You refer 10 players
    • They each play $10 - you receive 0.5%
  • Those 10 players refer 10 other players (that's 100 referrals in total)
    • They each play $10 – you receive 0.3%
  • The 10 other players refer a different 10 players (that's 1,000 referrals in total!)
    • They each play $10 – you receive 0.1%

The following picture shows how multi-level referrals work:

Upgrading Your Referral Scheme

By special arrangement with our Marketing team, we may elect to upgrade the referral scheme you offer so that you can give players even more Free Spins whilst earning more from each player.

This is by agreement only and will only be offered if you have something special to offer

If you refer more than 100 betting player then your Level 1 Referral rate will go up to 1% of all bets for existing and future players you refer.

If you refer more than 1000 betting players we will contact you to award an extra-special reward.

Cashing Out

You can cash out your reward points in different ways:

  • Bitskins voucher or skins for the full value of your referral pot
  • Paypal for 75% of your referral pot value (eg $100 = $75 received)
  • Bitcoin (BTC) for 75% of your referral pot value (eg $100 = $75 received)

In order to cash out you must contact us via our contact email, [email protected].

Additional terms related to cashing out:

  • Referred players must sign up and place a bet before referral points will be awarded.
  • Total referral balance must be $10 or more to cash out.